The Ultimate Work Travel Checklist for Businesses


28 March 2020

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Preparing yourself for business-related travel doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our ultimate work travel checklist for businesses will have you on the fast track to stress-free travel.

Anyone who travels regularly will know how easy it is to overlook things. We’ll run through those all-important essentials, take a look at how and when to start preparations, and dig deeper into the steps to take.

Follow this work travel checklist and get ready to go from A to B with everything you need.

Work Travel Checklist

All of the steps to take that don’t include packing.

Getting Started 

  • Know who is in charge of planning your travel.
  • Look for accommodation with on-site business facilities.
  • Find a hotel that’s as near to the venue as possible.
  • Purchase flights and accommodation by credit card for air miles.
  • Sign up to your preferred airline’s loyalty programme.
  • Download a flight tracking app to monitor delays and cancellations.

The Week Before Travelling

  • Schedule and set your automatic ‘out of office’ email.
  • Notify colleagues of your intended travel dates and time away.
  • Complete current projects or pass them to the relevant team.
  • Create an agenda for your trip, including meetings, flights and free time.
  • Make copies of your important documents such as ID, reservations, etc.
  • Take out domestic travel insurance if not included by the airline.

Things to do at Home

  • Arrange for neighbours to sign for mail and parcels while away.
  • Give family and friends your contact details in case of emergency.
  • Cancel any newspaper or milk deliveries for the time you’re away.
  • Ensure all of your windows and doors are securely locked.
  • Ask someone you trust to keep an eye on your property until you return.

Getting Business Travel Basics in Order

Before you start packing for your upcoming business trip, there are a few things to take care of first. If someone else is arranging your travel and accommodation plans, then you’ll only have a few things to do. However, it’s always best to be proactive when travelling – so don’t be afraid to make sure everything is as it should be.

In total, there are four things every business travel checklist will include as absolute musts. 

Getting Business Travel Basics in order

Travel & Accommodation

If you are responsible for arranging your own flights, you can save a small fortune by using flight comparison websites such as Skyscanner or Google Flights. It’s always a good idea to know what your travel budget is – then you know whether to book business class, first-class or economy.

Finding business-focused accommodation at your destination can be challenging. Ideally, you want to find a hotel that caters to your business needs. Look for somewhere with on-site business facilities and amenities, modern and comfortable accommodation and nearby places for networking and socialising.

If somebody else is taking care of your travel and accommodation, make sure they have a good understanding of what you’re looking for. You should also ensure that all of your personal information is accurate to avoid any complications when checking in at the airport or the hotel.

Document Checks

It’s surprising just how many people don’t check the validity of their passport and identity documents before flying. When planning business travel, it’s absolutely essential you give your travel documents a quick going over to make sure they will be valid at the time of travel. 

Other things to check are your credit and atm cards. Again, if you’re travelling and using your credit card more than usual, it’s wise to notify your provider. Failure to do so could see your card blocked until you can contact them to verify it’s you.

Finally, you’ll need to check with the airline whether insurance is included in the price of the ticket. If it isn’t, then price comparison websites are a great place to grab a bargain that’ll keep your flight and travel plans well-protected.

Loyalty Programs and Rewards

If you travel for business on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to sign up for any loyalty and reward programs. Airlines and hotels typically offer frequent flyer miles and free nights for regular customers.

Even if it’s your first time flying with a certain airline, the frequent flyer program could see you upgraded upon check-in, or even see you allotted additional luggage allowances.

Hotel reward programs, such as the IHG® Rewards club are a great way to take advantage of exclusive accommodation, dining and business offers. If you haven’t done so already, join up today and start reaping the rewards.

Finally, whenever booking flights or accommodation, try to do so with your credit card. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using a debit card, but it’s rare to find a debit card that offers air miles against your purchases. If you travel regularly, air miles can save you a small fortune over the years 

Handing Over Important Tasks

Before you head off on your work travel, make sure that you complete all of your time-sensitive tasks. If you’re unable to do so, assign them to the relevant team member to take care of on your behalf while you’re away.

You’ll also need to notify everyone you work with on a daily basis about your upcoming absence from the workplace. Make sure you provide managers, team leaders and colleagues with your contact details so they can get in touch while you’re on the go.

If you have time to clear your work backlog before your travels, you’ll be able to live with absolute peace of mind. If it’s not possible to do so and you have no one else to hand the work over to, you always have the option to work while travelling. It’s not ideal, but if you choose the right hotel, it’s entirely possible.

Business Travel Packing List

All of the steps to take for business travel packing.

Business Travel Packing List

Technology and Equipment

  • Laptop or netbook with charger
  • Mobile phone with charger
  • Tablet or iPad and charger
  • External hard drive
  • USB portable charger

Clothes for Work and Leisure

  • Formal business suit/dress
  • Two or three pressed shirts/blouses
  • Smart shoes
  • Formal dinner wear
  • Comfy trousers or pants
  • Casual tops
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Swimwear
  • Jacket or coat

Other Essentials

  • Travel-sized cosmetics
  • Shaving kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Spare phone USB cable
  • Document holder

Clothing, Cosmetics and Essentials

When travelling for work, you’re going to want to put your best foot forward. This means making sure you’re properly suited and booted for every occasion. While business is business, don’t forget to pack clothing and accessories for your free time. Nobody wants to be in a suit 24-hours a day. 

Be Prepared for Business

At the very least, you’ll want to pack at least one formal suit if you’re meeting potential clients or business partners. Remember, you only get to make a first impression just once – making the right one can go a long way.

If your work travel is not overly formal, you can probably get away with smart trousers, a freshly pressed shirt and a suit jacket or a formal dress suit. Ensure that your formal workwear is freshly pressed and placed into a suit carrier, ready for a last-minute dash to that meeting or conference.

Dress to the Nines for Networking

Business networking is a chance for you to shine. You could roll up in the same formal attire you’ve been wearing all day – or you could switch things up a little.

Networking events don’t tend to be black-tie affairs. You’ll easily get away with smart trousers and a freshly pressed shirt or a presentable cocktail dress. Image is everything at these types of events, so if you have something extra special you think will fit the occasion, pack it. 

Enjoy a little bit of ‘Me Time’

When the workday is over it’s time to enjoy a little bit of relaxation. What better way to relax than in your comfiest sweatpants and t-shirt? If most of your work travel involves you working from your hotel room, comfort is key.

Try to think about what facilities and amenities you are likely to use during your stay. Is there an on-site gym for you to burn off any excess energy? How about swimming pools or spas? You won’t need to pack a towel, these come as standard in all hotels nowadays.

Be Flight Ready

If you’re a slave to certain brands of moisturizer, aftershave or perfume; make sure you use travel-size containers for them. A handy tip for those on the go is to spray your favourite scent into a packet of wet wipes for a quick and easy way to clean and freshen up in one fell swoop.

If you need to take any medication with you, pack this in your carry-on luggage. This is extremely important if you need to take medication on a regular basis, at set times. It’s also a good idea to have a doctor’s note to accompany any controlled medications.

Lastly, laptops, batteries and mobile phones should not be placed in your checked baggage. Many airlines now prohibit travellers from doing this due to an increase in fire risk. Pack an eye mask and earplugs if you need to sleep during your flight and keep your passport and tickets in your carry-on bag.

Best for Business Travel Meetings

Best for Business Travel & Meetings

When it comes to business travel, finding accommodation that meets your ‘on the go’ needs is as important as the work itself. IHG hotels are designed with the business traveller in mind, with dedicated meetings facilities, internet-ready rooms and modern accommodation.

Whether you are travelling for business to Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Queensland or Sydney; we have you covered. Take advantage of our business-centric facilities, enjoy a perfect night’s sleep and meet, stay and relax under one roof.
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