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17 Sep

How to Plan an Amazing Corporate Christmas Party

Corporate Christmas parties are the highlight of the year for many businesses. When properly planned, they give employees a chance to celebrate the end of the work year by rewarding them for their effort and commitment. They boost morale, encourage a sense of unity and most importantly, add a little bit of fun into the […]

6 Jun

The Ultimate Party Planning Checklist for Businesses

Whether you’re planning something for corporate partners, associates, customers or employees – having a plan of action is the key to success. To help you kick start things, here’s our ultimate party planning checklist and top tips to follow. Corporate Party Planning Checklist Use this to guide you through all the main planning steps.  Come […]

3 Jun

8 Best Travel Apps for Meetings & Events

Modern technology makes travelling for meetings and events seamless and easy. Carrying around bulky folders bursting at the seams with maps, reservations and documents are a thing of the past. Everything you need for an amazing business trip can be found right on your smartphone.  There are literally hundreds of apps out there waiting to […]

31 May

What Are the Five C’s of Event Management?

Event management requires a hefty dose of creativity, flexibility, careful attention to detail and strong leadership to be successful. For many people, this can feel overwhelming – but it’s actually much easier than you first think. One of the easiest ways to plan and put on an amazing event is to break things down into […]

25 May

Planning an Event – What to Ask Before Booking

The only way to get great answers is to ask the right questions. Planning an event is tough work, and we know you want to make sure everything is as perfect as it can be. Don’t let stress take over! If you want to organise an awesome event but are not sure where to start, […]

22 May

How to Plan an Event That’s Memorable

Are you trying to plan an event that will take your guests’ breath away? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve come up with the nine essential steps that you need to consider to nail at your next big event – helping you pull off a memorable event that delivers real results. Develop an […]

3 May

13 Amazing Event Advertising Ideas to Try

Just because you’ve put your heart and soul into organising the most amazing event ever, it doesn’t mean people will show up. Everyone wants to sell out their tickets, but that’s easier said than done. Get things rolling with these 13 amazing event advertising ideas.  1. Learn more about your target audience Your target audience […]

1 May

10 Most Common Types of Corporate Events

Companies host corporate events to bring employees, clients, the media and the public together. Some corporate events are educational; others are all about providing people with updates and information about the company’s developments.  Here is our list of the 10 most common types of corporate events. Seminars and conferences Seminars and conferences make up the […]


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