Five Effective Sales Meeting Tips

24 September

Sales Meetings are an important, yet fear-inducing part of almost every business. If there is a way to get out of them, sales reps will try. It’s not that they don’t get anything out of them. It’s that they often focus on the negative and can feel like a waste of time.  With that said, […]

Business Meetings Planning

Example of a Project Kick-off Meeting Agenda

21 September

Whenever you’re getting ready to kickstart a new project, a kickoff meeting is a must. Kick-off meetings help you set out your common goals, align your project across the board, and understand the purpose of it all. A well planned out project kickoff meeting agenda will help to bring both clients and teams together, looking […]

Event Planning

How to Plan an Amazing Corporate Christmas Party

17 September

Corporate Christmas parties are the highlight of the year for many businesses. When properly planned, they give employees a chance to celebrate the end of the work year by rewarding them for their effort and commitment. They boost morale, encourage a sense of unity and most importantly, add a little bit of fun into the […]


Top conference facilities to look for in a venue

16 September

Having access to the modern conference facilities helps ensure your corporate events are as productive as possible. If you’ve been put in charge of planning your businesses next conference, venue selection will most likely be on the agenda. Choosing the perfect venue to host your conference can be a time-consuming process – especially if you’re […]

Business Meetings

Meet with Confidence. Our commitment to you

20 July

Whenever and wherever you travel within Australia and New Zealand, we are ready to meet you there. When you are ready to plan your next meeting or event, you can book with confidence with our new flexible meeting offer. Meet with Confidence is more than great value. You can be sure your wellbeing is our […]

Event Planning

The Ultimate Party Planning Checklist for Businesses

6 June

Whether you’re planning something for corporate partners, associates, customers or employees – having a plan of action is the key to success. To help you kick start things, here’s our ultimate party planning checklist and top tips to follow. Corporate Party Planning Checklist Use this to guide you through all the main planning steps.  Come […]

Event Planning

8 Best Travel Apps for Meetings & Events

3 June

Modern technology makes travelling for meetings and events seamless and easy. Carrying around bulky folders bursting at the seams with maps, reservations and documents are a thing of the past. Everything you need for an amazing business trip can be found right on your smartphone.  There are literally hundreds of apps out there waiting to […]

Business Meetings Planning

How to Create an Amazing Meeting Agenda

1 June

Meetings are an important part of every business and are often used to help get everyone on the same page. They help teams communicate, coordinate and work toward common goals, driving business in the right direction. Unfortunately, they are also the number one cause of wasted time and resources. Not because they don’t work, but […]

Event Management

What Are the Five C’s of Event Management?

31 May

Event management requires a hefty dose of creativity, flexibility, careful attention to detail and strong leadership to be successful. For many people, this can feel overwhelming – but it’s actually much easier than you first think. One of the easiest ways to plan and put on an amazing event is to break things down into […]

Business Networking

7 Easy Conversation Starters to Use when Networking

29 May

If you’re a bit of an introvert, meeting new people can be terrifying – especially if taking the lead doesn’t come naturally. Having a few easy conversation starters up your sleeve can help break the ice and kick-start the conversation. This is perfect for building your professional network. You don’t need to be the most […]


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