8 Best Travel Apps for Meetings & Events

Modern technology makes travelling for meetings and events seamless and easy. Carrying around bulky folders bursting at the seams with maps, reservations and documents are a thing of the past. Everything you need for an amazing business trip can be found right on your smartphone. 

There are literally hundreds of apps out there waiting to effortlessly guide you on your next business trip. Say goodbye to expensive flights, rush hour traffic and delays. Get the most out of your travel experience by downloading the best travel apps directly onto your Android phone or iPhone today.

Here are the 8 best travel apps to use in 2020.

  • Skyscanner

If you look at the play store or Apple app store there are hundreds of flight search apps waiting to be downloaded. One of the most popular flight comparison apps is Skyscanner. Available on desktop and smartphones, Skyscanner can save you hundreds of dollars on your next flight.

Whether flying domestic or international, Skyscanner compares all airlines flying to and from your chosen airports and then presents you with the cheapest available options. You’re able to filter your flights by shortest flight time, airline, departure or landing time, budget and nearby alternative airports.

It’s the perfect travel site for those who fly frequently or are looking for a last-minute bargain. While there are plenty of other flight comparison apps out there, Skyscanner is the most downloaded and used of all – and for good reason. Regular price updates, global currency and language options, and a variety of useful filters making it a must-have travel app.

  • Rome2Rio

Travelling to a new or unfamiliar city can make route planning complicated – the last thing that you need when attending a meeting or event. Rome2rio removes any unnecessary confusion by displaying the best transport options available nearby.

Simply download the app, type in your current location or use the location finder, add in your destination, select your dates and hit go. Within seconds, you’ll be shown a list of transport providers including taxi, ferry, bus, train and flight options; all in a nifty timetable display.

One of the great things about Rome2Rio is that you can see roughly how much your fare will cost you, along with travel times, for your chosen route. Go from A to B quickly and easily without ever needing to ask passers-by for directions.

  • Uber

Sometimes, trying to find a taxi at airports and train stations can be a real challenge. If you’re arriving in the middle of the night or early morning, one of the easiest ways to get to your meeting is to use an Uber.

There are several benefits to using Uber when travelling, such as paying for your trip via your phone, ordering your car with the tap of a button, and getting your receipt and invoice by email. Another great thing about using Uber is that they tend to be much cheaper than traditional taxis.

Everything is simplified and done via your phone. It’s that easy, get off your flight or train, open the app, enter your destination and submit. You’ll be able to see where your driver is in real-time on the map, or if you prefer, pre-book your journey in advance.

  • Google Maps

Google Maps comes as standard with all new Android phones and is one of the world’s most-used travel planning apps out there. If you’re worried about not having any internet when travelling, you can download an offline map for your destination. 

Take advantage of a whole host of planning filters and features. Find nearby restaurants, accommodation and attractions. Explore the best routes to your destination and get estimated travel times and traffic updates. You can also download Google Maps for iPhone, making it a versatile and flexible travel companion.

Another great feature of Google Maps is the ability to view public transport options. If you’re looking to jump on a train or bus in the local area but don’t have access to a timetable, Google Maps will give you this. If you’re travelling for a meeting or event and don’t already have it, now is the perfect time to download it.

  • TripCase

Just a few years ago, travellers would have to print off 101 different documents just to make their journey. Today, everything can be done from your phone – meaning everything you need is in your pocket. TripCase pulls all of your documents into one useful folder, making travelling light a reality.

Forget about trying to find hotel reservations, boarding passes, train tickets and scans of your ID, etc. Simply open the app, click on your document and you’re good to go. Of course, keeping everything on your phone can be risky. TripCase keeps everything secure and well-protected, meaning even if you lose your phone your data is kept safe.

With that said, it’s always a good idea to have some hard copies hidden away in your bag. While the app won’t let you down, your battery you could. If simplifying your travel documents sounds like something you need in your life, TripCase should be on your list of travel apps you need to download.

  • Wi-Fi Finder

Wi-Fi Finder is a completely free app that will show you both paid and free Wi-Fi spots nearby. Using Google Maps, it scans the local area using your GPS and then displays the Wi-Fi hotspot locations on the map. 

This app also allows you to filter the type of Wi-Fi hotspots you’re looking for. You can choose between free Wi-Fi and paid internet. You also have the ability to choose the venue type, such as public libraries, restaurants, cafes and bars.

The great thing about Wi-Fi Finder is that you don’t need to rely on your data connection for it to work. If your phone is offline, it’s still able to scan the local area and guide you to the nearest hotspot! When travelling for business meetings, it can make unreliable connections and missed communication a thing of the past.

  • WhatsApp

Of all the online VoIP services, WhatsApp comes out on top as the most popular. As one of the most downloaded apps in the world, it makes communication a cinch. From voice calls and facetime to messaging and real-time location sharing, staying in touch has never been easier.

Many companies already use WhatsApp for business, simplifying the process of sharing files and documents and keeping connected. If you’re running late for a meeting or event, you can use WhatsApp video to join on the go. 

Send and receive locations. Check-in with colleagues and keep all of your sensitive data and information secure and encrypted. The best part is that WhatsApp is completely free to download and use. Definitely recommended for travellers.

  • Google Docs

Google Docs won’t help you find your meeting or event venue. It can’t summon an Uber for you. And you can’t reserve a flight via it. So why would you download it when travelling for meetings or events? One word! Collaboration.

When you work via Google Docs, you can share, edit and work on tasks with colleagues back in the office at the same time. Absolutely everything you do is backed up in Google Cloud, meaning even if you lose your laptop or phone, you don’t lose your precious work.

It’s also the perfect way to upload and share important documents, photos and videos to your teammates. The app includes Google Sheets and Google Slides too, making it the best business travel app around. Stay connected. Collaborate. Keep work moving.

Simplify Your Meetings and Events

Whether you’re travelling for a business meeting, a conference or an event; smartphone apps can simplify everything. From booking transport and last minute flights to collaborating with teammates on the go, everything is possible. Now all you need is your phone charger, the best travel apps of 2020 and your bags. Business travel has never been so easy. 

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