13 Amazing Event Advertising Ideas to Try

Just because you’ve put your heart and soul into organising the most amazing event ever, it doesn’t mean people will show up.

Everyone wants to sell out their tickets, but that’s easier said than done. Get things rolling with these 13 amazing event advertising ideas. 

1. Learn more about your target audience

Your target audience is out there, but do you know as much as you think you know about them? Why would these people want to attend your event, and where can you find them online? Answering these questions will help you narrow down your target audience and polish your advertising campaign.

Coming up with target audience personas will make this whole process so much easier.

2. Use discovery sites

There are a couple of popular website discovery sites you can use to attract larger audiences. For example, Facebook makes it easy to publish your event on the platform, and you can even sell tickets directly by making use of ticket-selling tools (e.g. Eventbrite). 

Other sites include Bandsintown and Spotify for concerts and music events, Lanyrd for large meetings and conferences. 

3. Don’t underestimate the power of email

Chances are you’ve already sent thousands of emails about your event to your entire mailing list. That’s not how you’re supposed to do it.

Email marketing is a lot more effective when email lists are segmented and targeted. The same email might not have the same effect on all recipients, which is why you need to create multiple email categories.

People who have already purchased tickets from you before shouldn’t receive the same generic email that everyone else gets. People in different age groups should probably not be addressed using the same language—the more specific and targeted the message, the better. 

4. Leverage social media

There’s no escaping social media when it comes to advertising. But which platforms make for the best and most effective ads? Where should you be promoting your event?

It all depends on the type of event you’re organising the audience you’re targeting. Instagram giveaways are very popular with millennials and generation-Z. Other major social networks include TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube.

5. Develop a content marketing strategy

The right content can help spread the word about your event pretty quickly. Come up with a content marketing strategy that combines blogs, infographics, and videos to show people what your event is all about. This content will have to be highly shareable and speak to the specific audience it’s targeting.

6. Do some keyword research

SEO may often seem like a losing battle, especially when PPC can bring so many more leads. You’d be surprised to find out that at least 10% of ticket purchases are the result of organic search. 

Optimise your landing pages and use your best-performing keywords to inform your PPC (pay per click) campaigns. Making it on top of both the organic and paid search results doesn’t sound like a bad idea now, does it?

7. Take advantage of retargeting strategies

Retargeting strategies can help you reach people who may have made it to your landing page but didn’t make a purchase. You can use cookies to track the activity on your website and then use that information to create highly-targeted automated email campaigns.

People that viewed your offer but didn’t make a purchase may want to know that your event is only three days away. You could even offer ticket discounts and other bonuses to drive sales.

8. Find lookalike audiences

Chances are this is not the first time you’re hosting an event. If you have a long list of people who’ve purchased tickets and attended your events in the past, you can use that data to find more people like that.

Finding the right lookalike audience is not as hard as it sounds. For example, Facebook’s algorithm makes it easy to locate audiences that match your buyer profile in terms of demographics, online behaviour, location and interests. 

9. Enlist influencers

You probably know of a few industry influencers who have attended past events of yours. Reach out to those big names and motivate them to help you spread the word. If you haven’t organised any events recently or don’t know which influencers your audience trusts, make use of an influencer search tool, such as Socialbakers.

If you’re ready to go all-in, you may even consider hiring a brand ambassador. Celebrities, famous bloggers and YouTube stars with a huge following may be willing to promote your event—for a price, of course.

10. Create a hashtag

If timed correctly, successful hashtag campaigns can increase engagement with your brand and generate a lot of hype around your next big event. Your reach will naturally grow as people use your trending hashtag. Hashtags that are short, unique and easy to understand work best.

11. Network at similar events

Another great way to get people interested is to network and promote your event where your target audience tends to gather. Tradeshows and exhibitions are both great examples of events you should be looking to attend. 

Bring a few key team members with you and work on your proposition. Instead of flyers, consider crafting unique gifts (e.g. colourful rubber wristbands with your hashtag on them, snacks with customised notes) to make sure you stand out from the competition. 

12. Organise ticket giveaways

Who wouldn’t love free tickets to one of your amazing shows? Create a buzz around your event by organising ticket giveaways and encouraging people to spread the word online. 

You could make it so that people are only allowed to enter if they tag three of their friends. Another great idea is to create a mini-affiliate campaign where people are given unique discount links to share with friends and family. Fans with the most successful sign-ups get to attend your event for free.

13. Don’t forget to follow up post-event

Even if your advertising campaign is a huge success and all your tickets are sold out within a couple of hours, your job is not done. Create some fun content summarising the event and find some great photos to go along with it. Send emails reminding people what a wonderful time everyone had and talk about future events and plans. 

Stay calm and keep organising awesome events! 

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