10 Ways to Boost Staff Morale for the Better

If your goal is to establish a positive work environment and culture that employees will love to be a part of, you need to put their needs first. But what exactly does staff morale lead to and what can you do to boost it? 

Here are 8 ways to ensure employees are happy at work.

Why is staff morale important?

Your employees are the parts that make up your business engine. If their needs and requirements are not respected, the engine will eventually shut down, and the whole system will come crashing down.

When people are happy in the workplace, their productivity and efficiency go up. They don’t dread going to work and do everything in their power to ensure the company’s future is as bright as their own. Lower stress leads to fewer mistakes, which translates to reduced costs and more significant gains.

Of course, when people are satisfied in the workplace, they are much more likely to stay with a business. Loyalty is a great way to attract and retain talented individuals who are fantastic at what they do.

What are some factors that can negatively impact staff morale?

The main culprit is lack of growth. Your business should be continually growing so that team members can also grow with it. If people are stuck doing the same thing over and over, they will eventually become tired of routine and move on to a more challenging role.

Lack of clarity is also to blame. Employees need to know what’s expected and required of them. If no goals are set, and employees are just not aware of what’s going on with the rest of the company, they might feel lost and lose interest altogether.

Leadership changes and problems can also negatively impact staff morale. People have a hard time adjusting to business culture changes, especially when they’ve been with a company for a long time. Poor leadership is a sure way to exhaust staff morale and force even more people out the door.

Boosting staff morale

As you can already tell, staff morale is crucial to the success of every business. Here are 8 easy and creative ways to boost your employees’ morale, starting today:

1. Be transparent

It always pays off to be honest and open, especially when morale is low. Most problems require the help of whole teams to be resolved, which means it’s your responsibility to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

2. Communicate openly

Communication is vital in every aspect of a business. If you’ve got something to say to your employees, do so yourself and don’t just resort to emails. The more you open up to people, the more likely it is that they’ll be willing to share things with you. 

It’s always a good idea to try and check in with each one of your employees now and then. Ask them about any challenges that they’re facing and try to find ways to solve any issues that they may have. Show that you’re there for them and you’ll learn so much more about the people that power up the system.

3. Give employee recognition

Another great way to increase your employees’ sense of self-worth is to be positive and focus on the good. Employees who receive regular positive recognition tend to be more productive and loyal to the company. Praise people for their achievements and don’t forget to put a smile on your face every day.

4. Try to get employee feedback

As we’ve already discussed, employee satisfaction is key to running a successful business. If you want to know what people think about their job and your business as a whole, you need to issue a series of employee satisfaction surveys. Here are some questions that can help you learn more about your employees:

  • Do you find pleasure in working with us? Is your work meaningful?
  • Are you equipped with all the tools you need to do your job well?
  • What do you think about the business’ culture?
  • If you were to quit tomorrow, what would you say to your manager?
  • Do you feel valued? How often do you receive recognition?
  • Would you recommend your company as an ideal place to work?

5. Offer employee growth

Personal growth is one of the driving factors that affect staff morale. People need a sense of purpose and a goal to work towards. Perhaps it’s a job promotion or an in-house course aimed at teaching your employees new, useful skills. Promote career development programmes and invest in coaching to keep employees engaged with their interests.

6. Stay calm

Pushing everyone to the limit might work for a while, but inducing stress will not get your business very far. It’s been proven that people work better when they feel valued in a stress-free environment. Companies with a more relaxed approach tend to do better in the long run. Stay calm and don’t push people past their breaking point, even if work is piling up.

7. Train your manager and build your teams

Managers have a direct impact on employee engagement and morale, which is why you should make sure they are trained before they can start guiding your teams. Games and other off-work activities can break up the routine and help team members bond.

8 Encourage breaks

Instead of worrying about people getting work done, you should shift your focus to those employees who tend to overwork themselves. Work overload, tight deadlines and demanding managers, can all contribute to an extreme amount of stress. While working overtime once every fortnight to complete and deliver a project is okay, you should never allow overworking to become a habit. Your goal should be to avoid burnout with all means necessary.

It would help if you also were encouraging breaks. Studies show that employees perform better when they are allowed to take regular breaks from their desk every hour or so. Let people grab a cup of coffee or take a walk outside to catch some fresh air. They’ll come back feeling refreshed and ready to nail their next assigned task.

Don’t let things get out of control. If you feel like employees are underperforming and that morale is low, you need to take action immediately. Give your employees enough space to develop and grow and make sure overbearing managers know their place. Keep communication channels open and stay calm. Remember, your employees are your business.

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